Why Empower Network

Hello and welcome. My name is Troy Shanks, and thanks for taking the time to look into Empower Network. I’m part of the prosperity team.

What I would like to do over the next few minutes, because I know there are two types of people who watch this video, the people over here who are kind of looking for the right fit, the right team, the right sponsor and the right community to be a part of, and there are the other people who are really kind of skeptical by nature and think everything might be a little bit of a scam, and they just don’t know if it will work out for them or if it’s the right fit.

So I really wanted to show you what we offer as a team and why Empower Network is over 100,000 members strong already and why there are so many success stories, results and testimonials out there of people just like you who are looking for a way to make money from home and learning how to leverage the power of the internet, but they didn’t know how to get over the obstacles, the problems and the challenges that most people face because they don’t know how to create a sales video, they don’t know how to create a sales funnel and they don’t know what lead capture pages are.

They don’t know how to attract that quality traffic that is being taught to us inside Empower Network training and products alongside our Prosperity Team Back Office.

We just have a plethora of tools and training and daily masterminds and Facebook groups and Skype chats.

There is just so much value being presented that it’s hard to fail. The default level of business, especially on line, is failure.

If I could just be frank, honest and transparent with you and on the upfront without even asking anything for you, most people fail in this business because they’re not in alignment with the right leadership and the right system, which we all know stands for save yourself time, energy and money.

When you can start doing that and just plug in right away, you can start developing your own stuff after you start seeing results. Most people just want to get going.

They just want to start having a supplemental residual income and start building slowly, if you will, a new lifestyle, a new way of living, and start leveraging the right leadership, the right system and the right people. That’s what you’re getting with the “Empower Network Prosperity Team”.

We are 1,000 plus members strong already. We have thousands and thousands of members and so many leaders inside our team and inside Empower Network where you get so much value up front that I know you’ll be blown away with everything we’re offering.

We’re offering you the templates, the tools, the email follow up, the lead capture pages, the videos almost a daily event, other than the weekends obviously, that is something you can plug into.

You can plug into your team, you can plug into your prospects and your leads right into this you, and you will get credit and build your business leveraging our expertise, our knowledge and our authority inside Empower Network Prosperity Team that you will now have full and complete ability to tap into that because you’re willing to make that decision.

Before, I don’t know your past or prior experience of knowledge inside this industry, but most chances are you had to do everything off line.

You had to tell 5, who would get 5, who would get 5. That old model, that takes too long to build.

You need to be able to scale your business, and like I said, leverage that power of the internet where you can have a global marketplace at your fingertips, and you need to learn how to market.

The Empower Network products and training really teach that.

Then the opportunity with the Prosperity Team is we’ve kind of filled the gaps so the average person or the person with not much experience can jump right in and start utilizing this system right away. We know that if people have value up front, they’ll stick around for a lot longer, and the more results they see, the easier this business will be and the easier it will just come out of their system, and the easier it is to get passionate about something that’s working for them. They feel good about it.

That’s why I’m making this video; to really express that. Empower Network is just cultivating leaders.

It’s harnessing their power, their methods, their strategies, their techniques and their principals inside this industry that are creating really astronomical results.

So many people are making five figures a month inside of Empower Network.

You’ve never seen anything like it inside this digital information-based product, but then you have the core foundational product, which is the blogging platform, that has superior authority inside of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines, where you can post your content and really start developing and crafting your story that helps get it out to people.

It’s going to start attracting the right people to your group that are already interested in your business.

Like I said, between the blogging, between the training, the products and the opportunities that Empower Network offers combined with our Prosperity Team, just function in a more complete and comprehensive funnels, videos and trainings. The things we do on a daily basis just for you and your team, you’ll be blown away with the value.

You’ll want to pay twice as much as we’re actually asking for.

That’s a $25.00 commitment to get inside the blogging system and really start crafting your story. Let people know who you are, because all of us want a little acknowledgement, an audience and a following, and really recognition for what we’re good at and what we can help offer and service others and really help them get to where they want to go.

That’s what we want to do.

That’s what I want to do as a leader.

Put your faith and hope and whatever else into me, because I know for a fact people are succeeding across the board across Empower Network if they just take a little action and make that decision of, you know what?

This is the right financial vehicle for me.

With the Empower Network training opportunity, and really the movement, the culture and the community we have here, combined with our more intimate Prosperity Team, I know for a fact that you can succeed with this with just a little bit of effort, motivation and determination on your part.

Again, my name is Troy Shanks.

I don’t want to ramble too long, so what I need you to do is enter your best email, your primary, your favorite email below, so I can have direct communication with you and send you more things that are going to show you all the templates, all the benefits and all the features of joining our Empower Network Prosperity Team.

Because I know there are so many people joining. We’re having handfuls of people joining us a day, 10, 20 and 30 plus people joining the Prosperity Team a day, and that number is going to jump big time over the next few months.

You want to be a part of that hyper-growth, that massive momentum we’re about to experience as a company.

So many people are starting to see the validity and the authenticity inside the Empower Network community, because the products, the training and the opportunities actually work and our system, our team system, works so well to save yourself the time, energy and money that most of you do not have up front. You need something done for you.

You need an all-in-one, plug and play, point and click system, and we have built that just for you, because we know that is the best, easiest and fastest way you’re going to start succeeding, not only in the make money on line home-based business work from home industry but utilizing the Empower Network vehicle and blogging system that is proven across the board that it works for everybody that is willing to put in that time and effort up front.

We know it works, and that’s why you can tell in my voice, in my face, in my energy, that this works.

I’m asking you to make that decision, run with us in 2013, and let’s make it the best year ever, because this community and this culture is something you want to be a part of. It gives you a greater sense of belonging, all for $25.00. Make that decision.

Enter your email right now, join up, and I’m going to send you the information you need to take your business to the next level.

I’ve been there. I’ve earned a lot of money inside the Empower Network commissions.

I will give you more precise and concise details on that on the next page.

I want this page to be right here.

I want to know who my action takers are and who can put a little bit of faith into this opportunity and themselves, because you’re really buying into a system as an investment back into yourself.

It’s an all-in-one, everything under the sun, complete internet marketing education system.

My friend, take that chance right now and enter your email below. We will see you on the next page. I look forward to connecting with you in the future, and have a great day.

How To Make Money Blogging Online 2013

It is an indisputable fact that there has never been any time in history when most of humanity hungered for money or wealth than in our times. The historic economic downturns and massive unemployment that has characterized this greatest depression that the world has ever known is quite mind-boggling.

Even the young generation stepping out of college will agree that landing a traditional well-paying job in their fields of study is nearly impossible.

There is hope however in internet marketing as thousands have been able to make money online especially through blogging, and many more have been able to secure a decent financial freedom and retired early.

Empower Network

For those who have not discovered this new method of making money online by blogging might seem strange and out of the blues but it really isn’t.

The best way to look at it is to consider oneself starting a channel or a magazine whereby they can post anything of their interest and attract viewers or readers who appreciate their work. The main aim is not only to provide value to their readers or viewers, but also to generate revenue when these people visit their blogs.

It is true that many bloggers especially at the very beginning of their blogging endeavors will experience some challenges, but this is not the case with Empower Network.

Creating the blog itself from scratch might be extremely challenging especially for someone who is not technologically savvy. There are several tutorials and help sites along the way, but rummaging through all these non-organized information at one go is usually overwhelming, and many end up quitting.

With Empower Network, one does not have to worry about this huddle because it has already been taken care of. The founders of Empower Network put the best minds in the field together to come up with a state-of-the-art blogging system that is already built and accessible to anyone interested in joining the team.

Empower Network is a revolutionary network marketing system that has taken the internet by storm. In barely two years, this internet marketing company has made more millionaires in the industry than other competitors.

Every single day, normal average day-to-day people make phenomenal amounts of money by simply using the Empower Network blogging system along with other products that they offer. Their blogging strategies have been tried, tested and proven by thousands of bloggers and affiliates worldwide most of who are now blogging full time.

One major key to successful blogging is getting not only internet traffic but also the right traffic specifically targeted to one’s blog. The Empower Network blogging system is designed and constantly optimized for optimum results in the search engines.

This means that anyone who maintains a blog with them, has a higher chance of getting noticed by viewers interested in whatever topic or issue that they are blogging about. This really is the key or the trick behind driving targeted traffic to ones blog, and experienced bloggers will agree that it is not easy doing this alone with a blog hosted on other websites.

Another powerful concept on how to make money blogging online is the quality of the content posted on the blog. The Empower Network products are full of many well-organized tutorials with the secrets of success in this endeavor.

Apart from that, the Empower Network team is always on standby to assist anyone with whatever they are struggling with in their blogs. The learning atmosphere is very free and conducive even for someone just beginning out in this field.

Despite its potency and immense success, the Empower Network system is designed to appeal to anyone irrespective of their academic background, professional experience, nationality, race or any other prior knowledge. Anyone who can read and write, and has access to the internet from anywhere in the world, can make a dazzling success with the Empower Network system.

The founders of Empower Network themselves were just ordinary men without any college education but with a burning desire to succeed and become financially independent. They are today multimillionaires and a classic rags to riches story that has unfolded during the greatest depression that the world has ever known.

There’s really no reason for anyone who can follow their system to make a historic success too. One website I found about Empower Network was http://theempowerednetworker.com to find more information about sponsors, members, affiliates, and customers. Thanks for reading, make sure you see my how to make money blogging homepage.